who we are


We have been making wooden toys for over thirty years.

For all adults choosing a toy is a demanding task; it’s hard to find the right moment to abandon the daily routine and enter the world of childhood. Things are further complicated then by the fact that it’s increasingly difficult to find information about toys; everything comes and goes so quickly that the famous proverbs “time is money” and “time is a hard master” seem truer than ever.
This is why we thought that a website organised in a simple and direct manner could help to make choosing a toy easier, offering everyone the chance to view a range of toys in a relaxed manner, in their own homes, whenever they have a moment to spare.
This task is also made easier by the fact that we have a limited number of articles, so that they can all always be viewed on the screen, without having to resort to the misleading and sometimes bizarre classifications that are frequently used in these circumstances.
We have also decided to insert a number of videos, to illustrate how certain toys can be used and the sort of atmosphere that is created when even simple toys are played with: such as a top, a blow pipe or a construction set, where the various elements are joined using simple snap fasteners.
It’s not surprising that there are some toys that have a history that spans centuries. Children are the same as they have always been; they still need to master the same tools to progress through the various stages of learning. This is something adults can help them with, finding the toy that is best suited to them at the time.

In the hope of making the site even more attractive, updated and dynamic, we have also launched the offer of a gift coupon of 25 Euro for anyone who submits a home video that we decide is suitable for putting online on the site.
What better opportunity for observing from close up whether the toy you have chosen succeeds in arousing the interest of the recipient!
The “secret” ambition of this site is also that of bringing out the desire to play, which, although hidden, is certainly still there somewhere inside all of us.

We have been working in this sector since 1982.
When we design new articles, we always do so with children in mind. We concentrate all our attention on the children, especially when we are dealing with toys for tiny tots, without paying too much attention to the market trends.
The range currently comprises around seventy products, all conceived and developed within our group. They can be bought in all the best toyshops, both in Italy (in the shops of the Città del Sole group and the Centro Gioco Educativo) and abroad, in the rest of Europe, in Japan and in the United States.
All the articles, whether they are made in Italy or not, are produced in compliance with the regulations governing toy safety (EN 71 – parts 1-2-3). Obviously, the colours are non-toxic and are certified by internationally recognised, qualified laboratories.